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Sailing co-ops

Sailing co-ops are one way to get on the water without a large capital investment.  The members share in the costs of operating and maintaining a number of boats.

Barnet Sailing Cooperative - Port Moody
THE BARNET SAILING COOPERATIVE is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 by a group of people interested in the sport of sailing and the cooperative ownership of boats for the purpose of training, day sailing and cruising. Each member pays an annual fee and must also contribute time towards maintenance, administration and social events.

Fairwinds Sailing and Recreation Association - Victoria
Fairwinds is a sailing co-operative founded in 1974 and based in Victoria, British Columbia.   

Registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia the Association is owned and operated by its members.   Fairwinds currently maintains two sailboats for experienced sailors to cruise local waters. 

Lower Mainland Yacht Cooperative - White Rock
The mission and purpose of the Lower Mainland Yacht co-op is to promote Affordable, Safe and Enjoyable recreational sailing.  As a co-op, it is possible to provide boats, equipment and training at a fraction of the cost of any other sailing program you can find. The low cost, however, does require full participation of the members to make it succeed.

Van Isle Sailing Co-op - Nanaimo
The Van Isle Sailing Co-op is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of sailing, the cooperative ownership of boats, and introducing people to the sport of sailing. The membership fees and annual dues are used to maintain the boats and pay for moorage and insurance. You will have the opportunity to sail with experienced sailors, and at work parties you will learn to maintain boats.

Waterline Sailing Co-op - White Rock
Waterline is a Sailing Cooperative consisting of 40 members who own equal shares in two yachts berthed at the White Rock Pier, in southwestern British Columbia, Canada.

Victoria Sailing Co-op  - Victoria
Since May of 2014 Victoria's newest sailing co-op operates 2 boats berthed at Oak Bay Marina, a C&C 24 and a Catalina 30.

We aim to provide a minimum of 150 hours of day sailing and cruising for members during the prime sailing season April-September while keeping the costs to a minimum by sharing the ownership, upkeep, and expenses of the boats. Members are free to use the boats throughout the year and (depending on availability) may sail as much as they want.

Sooke Sailing Co-op - Sooke

We are looking for people that are interested in being part of the Sailing Co-op. Our main goal is a cooperative ownership of boats for the purpose of training, day sailing and cruising for adults and families. Each member pays an annual fee and also contributes time towards maintenance, administration and social events.

The cost of maintenance, insurance, moorage and other expenses are covered by the fees. We limit our membership to 14 sailing memberships per boat. If /when memberships are filled, a waiting list can be formed for future available memberships. While on the waiting list, the applicants may attend social functions and meetings.

There are two boats available for the Co-op. A Crown 23 and a Catalina 27 (which was generously donated to help get our Co-op started in Sooke by the Van Isle Sailing Co-op in Nanaimo).






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