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Boating Snacks Free Report

 Boating Snacks




The purpose of this report is to provide ideas for snacks as part of an overall menu plan when boating.  Numerous prepared snack foods are available, however, I have chosen to offer snack ideas including fruit, vegetables, grains, and protein.


Free Report - Boating Snacks
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Many of the snacks can be fully or partially prepared at home before coming on board and transported in a cooler.  The ideas you use will depend on the amount of storage on board and whether your vessel is equipped with an icebox or fridge.  I have included suggestions for using the ingredients in a variety of ways.  


Bonus:  A shopping list is included for Boating Snacks.  Once you choose your crew's preferences, mark off the items needed, add your own, and shop with ease. 


Preparing a menu for snacks will help when stowing provisions.  The last to be used can be stowed first.


Tip:  For safety reasons, prepare snacks before leaving dock or anchorage in the morning.  Cutting vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread on board is best accomplished when the boat is not underway. 


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This is a PDF contained in a zip file.  You will need a program such as 7-Zip to uncompress the file and a reader such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader to view the document.



Free Report - Boating Snacks
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Fran Stott