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From Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations 


All that part of Tsehum Harbour extending easterly to a line drawn from Armstrong Point to Curteis Point and an area from Curteis Point to Kamaree Point along the western shoreline of Fernie Island to the northern tip of Fernie Island and thence due north to Goudge Island and along the western shoreline of Goudge Island to the northern tip, thence in a westerly direction to Swartz Head




8 km/hr

8 km/hr = 4.3 knots

C Ferries CP Ferry Swartz Bay. CURTE/S ROAD ROAD Swartz Public OLPH\N qop,O (4) 15 29 59- GOUD( 46 12 se 35 2) /:.'MWd priv n ) Mu Ca n o Bay .. Kolb 41 (25) 24 • ar,10Ck MG Wd 08105Brygen /8) (23) 36 Fernie Island eoatee Pt 138 156 12 riv T SEBUM HAR OUR riv)Fl G Petro-Can (7) MG Al/ Bay 0.1. Public Public 9, Armstr ng 03) 5,


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