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Boating articles on boating safety, PFD's, Office of Boating Safety, carbon monoxide, hypothermia, GPS and the PCOC.

Twin Engine Boat Handling for the Beginner
For many people, moving from a single engine to a twin engined vessel is a big step. If you are used to an outboard or more

Small Boat Sailing
There are three basic controls on a sailing more

Summer Boating
When summer hits, there's no better time to go more 

GPS and Sailing
GPS allows you to navigate safely, even when caught in a heavy more

Tide or Current
Tide is the vertical motion of the water caused mainly by
... read more 

Inspect And Test Your Boat At The Start Of Boating Season
Before your first trip away from the dock, you want to inspect and test all the equipment more 

Boaters choose their safety style
(NC)—Recreational boaters have options when it comes
to lifejackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs)... read more

Shore up your cords
For boaters who enjoy shore power, shore cords are a must... read more 

Take a course, get your card and boat safely
(NC)—Knowing the rules of the waterways is essential to safe boating... read more  

Free services from the Office of Boating Safety
(NC)—Summer is just around the corner – are you and
your boat prepared? ... read more 

Carbon monoxide
(NC)—An invisible, silent and deadly danger to boaters, carbon monoxide (CO) is being linked to an increasing number of boating deaths... read more 

Cold Water Shock
(NC)—Cold water shock is thought to cause more deaths than hypothermia... read more 

Kill The Uninvited Guests!
Boaters usually welcome guests aboard, but there are
some uninvited guests you want to keep off your boat ... read more

Buying a new VHF Radio
If you are buying a new VHF radio, consider one with a remote microphone...  read more

Boating Terms
As a new boater you are faced with learning a number of new Boating Terms....  read more











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