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Requirements are defined by
intended use of the boat
1=day boat
3=Cruising (day/night)
2=Cruising (day)
1 2 3 4 Check
Personal Gear 1. Safety Harness   x x x                
2. Personal strobe light for each person on board     x x  
3. Whistle for each person on board   x x x  
4. Rigging knife on lanyard x x x x  
General Vessel Equipment 1. First Aid kit and Manual x x x x  
2. Flashlight with spare bulb and batteries x x x x  
3. Radar Reflector   x x x  
4. Re-boarding ladder or device x x x x  
5. Jack lines securely attached to deck     x x  
Emergency Equipment 1. Emergency steering device x x x x  
2. Heavy weather hatch covers   x x x  
3. Second anchor and rode     x x  
4. Heavy Dock / Tow lines   x x x  
5. Tools and spare parts x x x x  
6. Marine radio transceiver(VHF) * x x x  
7. Marine SSB radio (recommended)       x  
8. Weather receiving radio * x x x  
9. EPIRB - registered 406 mHz     x x  
10. Liferaft with current inspection certificate       x  
11. Inflatable or rigid dinghy   x x x  
12. Emergency abandon ship bag with extra lifejackets     x x  
13. Emergency food and water or water maker supply       x  
14. Tapered soft wood plugs secured to through hull fittings x x x x  
Navigation Equipment 1. Marine compass with deviation table * x x x  
2. Lead line or echo sounder x x x x  
3. Spare compass (may be hand held)   x x x  
4. Navigation charts of cruising area x x x x  
5. Navigation plotting equipment   x x x  
6. Accurate timepiece with second hand display   x x x  
7. List of lights, buoys and fog signals     x x  
8. Sailing directions for the area sailed   x x x  
9. Tide tables and current predictions for areas sailed   x x x  
10. Nautical Almanac for current year       x  
11. Sextant       x  
12. Sight reduction tables, forms and plotting sheets       x  
13. GPS or Loran C electronic navigation aid     x x  
14. Knotmetre or distance measuring device   x x x  
15. Radar (recommended)     x x  

The DOT minimum equipment required is not listed here and will be in addition to these requirements. Consult the Safe Boating Guide or Transport Canada for current requirements.

* Required only when sailing beyond 1 nm. from shore line.


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Bruce Stott
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