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Since 1980 our mission remains providing boating information and courses to current and new boaters. Canadian Yachting Association Standards for Powerboat, Sailing, and Coastal Navigation are our focus.

Winter on the Coast
Docking Tip
Poet's Cove
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Winter on the Coast

Here on the West Coast we experienced our first taste of winter in November and continuing in December.    Many trees were blown down and numerous power outages occurred.  We were fortunate being without power for about six hours.   

Marina docks and boats were covered with snow and provided our son a day's work shovelling snow off the docks.  For safety reasons, the high winds kept us on shore and lessons had to be rescheduled to calmer times.  I was teaching in Campbell River and one evening the winds were over 100 km/hour.  Fortunately the winds dropped by the next morning so we could go on the water to complete the course.

Docking Tip by Bruce Stott

When secured to a dock, the stern will often move away from the dock due to the angle of the stern line.  Instead of bending over and pulling on the stern line, simply step on the line between the dock cleat and the boat to bring the stern gently close to the dock.  The technique has been proven effective on boats up to 65 feet.

Poet's Cove

One of the ports we often visit is Poet's Cove located in Bedwell Harbour on South Pender Island.  Bedwell Harbour is approximately 10 miles from Sidney and is a favorite day trip.

Facilities include a dock, outdoor swimming pool and hot tub.  There are also a pub, snack bar, dining room, spa, conference facilities, hotel rooms, and cabins. 

When planning your next cruise you may wish to consider Poet's Cove for lunch or an overnight getaway.

Boating Education

During the off season, there are lessons and courses available to increase your boating knowledge. 


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Bruce Stott
Bruce Stott
President/Chief Instructor
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