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At Gulf Islands Cruising School Ltd., we work to help people realize their full potential for the boating lifestyle. We provide professional Boating, Sailing and Navigation courses and share our knowledge of boating and the Gulf Islands area.

Hands on Learn To courses in sail and power offer the opportunity to learn new skills such as docking, anchoring, crew overboard drill, and live aboard skills.  Home-study Coastal Navigation program, which leads to Canadian Yachting Association certification teaches the skills to be comfortable on the water.


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By Bruce Stott

Since 2002 anyone operating a powered recreational boat less than 4 metres (including personal watercraft) must carry proof of competency.  The Pleasure Craft Operator Card or PCOC provides proof of competency.  A Canadian Yachting Association (Sail Canada) Basic course completed prior to April 1, 1999 with Logbook would be acceptable proof.  Instead of carrying a CYA Logbook, a wallet sized card is available for a nominal fee.  Photo ID is required along with the PCOC.   

For non-residents of Canada without a recognized Competency Card operating foreign boats there is a 45 day grace period.

A Competency Card is not required to charter or rent a boat over 4 metres.  However, if there is a powered dinghy with the boat a Card or a completed Boat Rental Checklist is required.  By 2009 any person operating any powered recreational boat must have proof of competency.  We are authorized course providers for the PCOC and can conduct the examinations. 

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the PCOC check Transport Canada’s site at

For full text of the regulations visit Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations

The above Regulations apply to Recreational Vessels.  If operating a boat for business purposes, (non-pleasure boat) by 2007 certificates for Marine Emergency Duties A3 will be required.  Bruce Stott is a Transport Canada accredited Instructor for both these courses. Please contact me for details.

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