The Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) with DSC Endorsement. 

 $140.00 + GST.  S & H $20 additional 
 $135.00 + GST for the ePub version
For a second person sharing the manual, the fee is $110 plus GST which includes the exam and the card. 
The ROC(M) is a Canadian Federal Government issued certificate that allows you to operate a marine radio. ROC-M West Coast Powerboat Handling 
The ROC(M) is required by anyone using a marine VHF radio or other marine radios. Every person on the boat who will use the radio needs their own card. 
There are significant fines if you are found using a VHF or marine radio without your card. 
All new VHF radios have a DSC function that will greatly enhance rescue personnel's ability to assist you in an emergency. Understanding this technology and how to operate it can, in some circumstances, mean the difference between life and death. 
In addition, if you received your ROC(M) card before the new Digital Selective Calling was introduced, then you are encouraged to get your DSC endorsement for your
ROC(M) card.
This certificate is usually obtained by self-study of the manual and online study guide.  Due to COVID, exams are now conducted via Zoom.  The exam session is about 1.5 hours.
* For Restricted Operator Certificate information, contact Bruce Stott in Sidney at 250-656-2628 
For a free Introduction to the material in the ROC(M) course, see VHF Procedures.