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Buying a Used Boat Day 4

New boats are great to have.  Just like new cars, there’s something satisfying about knowing that you are the only person who has ever piloted that craft.  Having something brand new is a great feeling, but it does come with a price tag!  Many people, especially new boaters will want, instead, to be buying a used boat which can be just as nice as a new one at a much lower price.

When you really think about it, though, the real point for a boating enthusiast is to get on the water.  A real boater is someone who gets his or her boat moving.  There are plenty of small motor boats that are out every weekend as opposed to the big boats that only see the open water once or twice a season.  They know the benefits of boating and are eager to be on board their boat as much as possible.

Most vehicles lose their new value quite quickly.  Boats are no different.  Within two years, it could only be worth half of what it was new.  But their appearance and mechanical abilities will still be in good shape – especially if you take good care of your boat.

That’s why used boats are such a good value.  You get a lower price and the previous owner has already “shook out the webs” so to speak.  Of course, not all used boats are good buys, so you do have to be careful what you look for in a used boat.

Buying a used boat isn't like buying a used car.  They really haven’t been used very much when you think about the fact that boats sit most of the time.  Don’t think you are buying into someone else’s problems.  It’s easy to find boats with less than a couple of hundred hours of engine use.

Used boats often come with dock lines, life jackets, spare props, safety equipment, and other nice add-ons.  New boat owners have to pay several hundred dollars just to get this same equipment.

Of course the wildcards with used boats are structural and mechanical condition and whether the previous owner did the proper maintenance.  Prior to purchase you must get a used boat surveyed including a sea trial to be assured that it is in reasonable condition.  You must also be willing to absorb mechanical repairs over time.  The same is true when a new boat goes out-of-warranty.

A recommended resource for prospective boat owners is Doug Dawson's e-book Buy A Boat With Confidence And Save Money 

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