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Boating Knots, Bends and Hitches Day 3


A KNOT is tied in a single piece of line.
A BEND is used to join two lines.
A HITCH is used to tie a line to something.

There are literally hundreds of knot, bends and hitches. However, knowing seven will be all you will need for most cases.

Figure of Eight is used as a stopper knot to prevent a line from slipping through a block or fairlead. Usually used in the end of the jib sheets and the main sheet.

Reef or Square Knot is used to tie up the foot of the mainsail when you are reefing(reducing sail). It can also be used to tie up a sail or any kind of package.

Bowline is used to form a non-slip loop in a line. Commonly called the "King of the Knots".

Sheet bend is used to join together lines of different size. The smaller line is woven around the larger line.

Double Sheet Bend - more secure than the Sheet Bend

Clove hitch is used as a temporary method of attaching a line around a pole or spar. Often used to tie fenders to the boat.

Rolling Hitch is used to fasten a line to another line so strain can be taken along the line. It will slip in one direction but will bind when pulled in the opposite direction.

Round Turn and Two Half Hitches - used to tie the boat to a dock or mooring buoy. Can be untied under load.

See Grog's Animated Knots

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