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 AFLOAT SKILLS - Basic Power boat Standard

Section I: Preliminaries

You must be able to:

  1. File a sailing plan; 
  2. Demonstrate (on shore) the correct method of putting on a personal flotation device (PFD) while in the water; 
  3. Describe the purpose of a safety harness and dangers of improper attachment to boat; 
  4. Demonstrate the correct use of a heaving line; 
  5. Carry out a check of the boat's gear and equipment in accordance with Sail Canada Cruising Boat Checklist and demonstrate use and care of onboard equipment; 
  6. Coil a line and secure (sea coil); 
  7. Properly stow lines and fenders; 
  8. Demonstrate how to belay to a cleat (round turn, figure eight finish with a half hitch). 

Section II: Manoeuvering Under Power

You must be able to:

  1. Plan and execute an undocking using correct commands and lines with varying wind and current conditions; 
  2. Manoeuvre from and to a side dock correctly under the following wind and current conditions:
    a) Wind/current parallel to dock,
    b) wind/current away from dock,
    c) Wind/current towards the dock; 
  3. Bring the boat to a mooring buoy and successfully retrieve the lines; 
  4. Manoeuvre a boat under varying sea and wind conditions with the wind from the following points: Ahead, Astern, Abeam, Quarter; 
  5. Come to a full stop with bow one half boat length away from a buoy using reverse. [The objective of this manoeuvre is to learn how much distance is required to bring a boat to a full stop. Boat is to be kept on a straight course while the manoeuvre is being carried out; 
  6. Manoeuvre a boat under power to a position alongside and parallel to a dock, portside to and starboard side to, not more than two feet off without the aid of lines, without the stern passing a given mark at any time during the manoeuvre; 
  7. Anchor the boat in water more than 3 metres deep, so as not to drag the anchor when tested under engine power at half-throttle astern; 
  8. Raise anchor with boat ready and get under way; 
  9. Demonstrate skipper's actions/commands from the time a member of the crew falls overboard without warning, until the crew is safely recovered. Consider the crew overboard wearing a PFD and able to assist him/herself. Include the following minimum actions:
    a) Sound alarm,
    b) Deploy marker and buoyant object(s),
    c) Appoint and maintain a look out,
    d) Williamson or Anderson method of return,
    e) Describe at least two methods of getting a person out of the water and back aboard. 
  10. Demonstrate the basic principles of handling a boat under adverse weather conditions such as zigzagging while heading broadside to the waves and while heading into the waves; 
  11. Apply Rules 5 through 18 of the Collision Regulations as applied to a boat under power. 

Section III: Making Fast and Snugging Down

You must be able to:

  1. Secure a boat to a dock so as to prevent excessive movement and set out fenders correctly; 
  2. Demonstrate how to secure a boat for the night using appropriate dock lines; 
  3. Tie each of the following knots, bends and hitches within 30 seconds:
    Bowline, Reef knot, Round turn & two half hitches,
    Figure eight, Clove Hitch, Double sheet bend. 

Docking a single inboard. 

Docking a single inboard on a ski boat for example, is how Doug started docking back in the 1950’s.

There are some idiosyncrasies you must be taught first; or you’ll never get docked, because they will fight you every time.

Doug shares the "magic". This e-lesson shows you how to figure out these idiosyncrasies and use them to your advantage.

   Dock Your Single Inboard

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