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The June 2011 issue of <a title="Pacific Yachting Magazine" href="" target="_blank"><em>Pacific Yachting</em></a> had an article "Trash Talk, How Plastic is Strangling Our Oceans" which is well worth a read if you subscribe to the magazine.

Links contained in the article:

<a title="Ocean Gybe" href="" target="_blank">Ocean Gybe</a>

<a title="United Nations Environment Program" href="" target="_blank">United Nations Environment Program</a>

<a title="Noaa Marine Debris" href="" target="_blank">NOAA Marine Debris</a>

<a title="Algalita Marine Research Foundation" href="" target="_blank">Algalita Marine Research Foundation</a>

<a title="Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup" href="" target="_blank">Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup</a>

<a title="Raincoast Conservation Foundation" href="" target="_blank">Raincoast Conservation Foundation</a>

<a title="Plastic Pollution Coalition" href="" target="_blank">Plastic Pollution Coalition</a>

We all must become more aware of our use of plastics and the impact they have on our planet.


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Bruce Stott
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