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[amazon asin=B003WEA45C&amp;template=iframe image&amp;chan=default] My son gave me a Leatherman Fuse Multi-tool with flashlight last year for Christmas.&nbsp;&nbsp;The tool came with a nylon belt case which may be used vertically or horizontally.&nbsp; The case has three pockets, one internal and two external for accessories.<!--more-->

The tool has a knife, can opener, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, two straight blade screwdrivers,&nbsp; scissors,&nbsp; wire stripper,and a ring to attach to a lanyard.&nbsp; The needle-nose pliers have a hard and regular wire cutter.&nbsp; The unit is only 4 inches long when closed and when the handles are opened in line, you have 8 inch and 20 cm rulers on the outside of the handles.&nbsp; It weighs 6 ounces or 170 grams.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It has Zytel, a gray plastic, inserts on the handles for comfort.&nbsp; All the tools lock into place.&nbsp; I have used it many times aboard vessels and the last time it was used was in the airport to tighten the handle of my suitcase.&nbsp; I carry it in my checked bag when flying and in my backpack when I am out on the water.

There is an optional Bit Driver accessory which is sold separately and it fits over the Phillips screwdriver.&nbsp; I have not used this accessory.

The Monarch 400 flashlight uses 1 AA battery and outputs 45 lumens.&nbsp; Translation - it is bright.&nbsp; Perfect for checking dark corners of the engine room or cockpit lockers.

For anyone looking for a gift for a boater, this might be just what you need.


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