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You may have purchased a new vessel or are moving to a larger vessel with twin inboards.&nbsp; Docking a twin engine vessel is different than handling a single and I have created a lens, <a href="" target="_blank">Twin Engine Boat Handling.</a>

Excerpt from my lens:&nbsp;

Rule 1 for beginners:
Neutral is your best friend - especially as the size and weight of the  vessel increases it is important to keep the speed of the vessel at the  minimum required to retain control. Speed is your enemy and when you go  into gear only stay in gear 1 - 2 seconds. This will prevent the vessel  from gathering speed which gives you less time to react and think.  Usually the objective is to coast the vessel to its berth. When you have  65,000 lbs. under you, that is a lot of momentum.


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Bruce Stott
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