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An important position on a boat is the First Mate.  A few of the tips you will learn in First Mate 101 are:
<h3>This book is so much more than how to be a First Mate:</h3>
<div><strong>Claim your place on board</strong> and be the kind of First Mate who<!--more--> knows how to "dance" with their Captain.</div></li>
<div><strong>Switch Hats</strong> often and take the Helm while he takes the position of First Mate.</div></li>
<div>Maximize the <strong>limited space</strong> on your boat.</div></li>
<div>Keep <strong>ice </strong>for 11 days in a cooler.</div></li>
<div>Dozens of innovative tips on <strong>how to store everything</strong> from food, equipment, bedding, furniture to all the other comforts of home that you want to take boating.</div></li>
<div>Work together with the Captain to dock your boat safely, confidently (and <strong>without yelling</strong> at each other!)</div></li>
<div><strong>Work the ropes</strong>— the anchor, bow line, stern line, spring lines, tow line and even rafting lines (and know what the heck all of those lines are!)</div></li>
<div>Present yourself as <strong>that incredible couple</strong> to the others in the marina. (sure beats being exposed as a "newbie")</div></li>
<div>Learn what the correct "<strong>boating etiquette</strong>" is when docked in the harbour.
manage and store canvas to keep it long-living and quick to put up and take down (great for when bugs come!)</div></li>
<div>How to deal with the unique challenges of preparing <strong>meals </strong>on board and turn meal time into a special time</div></li>
<div>Deal with the <strong>bugs</strong>!</div></li>
<div>Complete lesson on <strong>footwear </strong>(who would've thought!)</div></li>
<div>And much, much more</div></li>
Recommended Reading:
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