Introduction to Boating - Power or Sail


To introduce novice boaters to safe practices in preparing to leave the dock, while underway, and when returning to dock. This standard may be taught in a sailing boat or a power boat. It is expected that the boat will be less than 12 meters in length.




  1. Basic boat check for seaworthiness. 
  2. Review safety equipment location and use. 
  3. Discuss basic safety when participating as crew. 


  1. Participate in preparation of boat for departure. 
  2. Participate in departure from dock as crew. 
  3. Demonstrate safe behaviour while underway. 
  4. Participate in returning to dock as crew. 
  5. Assist in activities required to secure and put away boat. 

Once you have a dinghy, there are many ways to enjoy it. This e-Lesson discusses a multitude of uses and fun things that you and your family can do to enjoy your dinghy more and your boat more. Go have fun with your Dinghy!





Boating FAQ's Ebook

 Boating FAQ's 

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