Cooking on a Two Burner Stove Day 6

Having a boat with a two burner stove can be a challenge when meal planning and cooking for your crew.

One helpful tip is to plan a menu for each meal to be eaten on board.  A shopping list is prepared from your menu, and items can be stowed on board in the order they will be used.

Making soup on board for a meal or to warm up on a cold day can be easily accomplished.  The following idea is quick and sure to please the crew or unexpected guests.

So Easy Clam Chowder

Combine in a pot

1 - can cream of potato soup,
     mix according to directions on can


1 - 14 oz. can diced tomatoes

1 - can baby clams (drained)

Dried onion flakes to taste 

Stir often and heat thoroughly.

Garlic or Plain Toast

Buns, English muffins, or bread 

Spread butter or garlic butter (garlic powder to taste mixed with butter) on cut face of bun or muffin.  Place butter side down in frypan - low to medium heat - until lightly toasted.  

Tips and helpful hints for equipping your galley and recipes are posted on Easy Family Boating Recipes

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