VHF Radio Signal Checks and Readability Scale

It is sometimes necessary to verify that your transmitter and receiver are operational. This can be done by:

1. establishing contact on the working channel and conducting your tests (the actual wording of the test is given in the example below),

2. not exceeding ten seconds for signal checks,

3. using the readability scale listed below when giving the report, remembering that a readability of 3 to 5

indicates to the receiving station that it is being copied 100 percent.

Readability Scale

1 = Bad (unreadable)

2 = Poor (readable now and then)

3 = Fair (readable with great difficulty)

4 = Good (readable with minor difficulty)

5 = Excellent (perfectly readable)

How to obtain your ROC(M)

ROC(M) course materialThe course manual may be studied at your own pace and then you need to appear before an examiner to complete the certification. I am located in Sidney BC and I have an associate in North Vancouver.The manual, 98 pages, comes with a CD that includes a video of a simulated distress situation, a VHF simulator which allows you to familiarize yourself with the operational concepts of a DSC radio, exercises to assist you in learning the phonetic alphabet, audio tracks of various procedures and two practice exams which are similar to the final exam.Key Benefits

Provides the knowledge you need to operate your VHF radio
Teaches you the emergency procedures
Teaches the phonetic alphabet and proper operating phrases

To order the course call 250-656-2628.

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