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Outboard Engines for Powerboats

There are three kinds of powerboat engines. There is the inboard engine, the outboard engine and the outboard/inboard engine that is usually called an I/O engine. Deciding what type engine you will use on your powerboat is a decision that … Continue reading

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Preventing Powerboat Theft

Have you ever had anything of value stolen from you? It leaves you with a sick feeling and a feeling of vulnerability unlike anything else. We are all well aware that there are crooks and thieves that live among us. … Continue reading

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Licensing and Registration for U.S. Boats

The laws regarding powerboats and powerboat operators vary somewhat from state to state. Powerboats like motor vehicles are registered and licensed by each state rather than by the federal government. Even though these requirements are not regulated by the federal … Continue reading

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Navigation Equipment for Powerboats

Required navigational equipment is a bit different for large and small powerboats but all marine navigation is dependent upon knowing these five things:  Direction,  Speed,  Time,  Distance,  Depth. Since you need to know these five things, you need navigational equipment … Continue reading

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