How to Use Marine Radar

Most of the twin engine vessels I teach aboard have radar.

A client has just purchased a larger vessel for sport fishing and it is equipped with chart plotter/radar. We were on the water for two hours to show him how to use this unit.

We went through all the options to set the unit up. Most chartplotters have an option to display an arrow which indicates the boat’s course over ground, COG. This option was not turned on so we enabled it. On this unit, we set the COG vector for six minutes, therefore the length of the arrow shows where the boat will be in six minutes.

Unfortunately, I discovered the radar was not operational, so the lessons will be finished at a later date.

If you have radar and need some instruction, we can provide private lessons locally. Another option is the Starpath Radar Trainer 3. This is a radar simulator which runs on a PC. The program was designed for those who are brand new to radar, but it is so realistic and versatile that it is also used by navies, coast guards, merchant marine, and navigation schools around the world.

This is the simulator I have installed on my laptop and use when I am teaching.

You may purchase Starpath Radar Trainer 3 directly on our site.

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