Update on Navionics for Android

New Version

Marine & Lakes: US & Canada $15.50 Can

Vector charts included in app, remain resident on device and function without mobile coverage.  You download the charts for your area of interest.

Wind & tides* gives you a snapshot of your favorite locations including tides, currents, wind, sun/moon cycle.

I have this on my Android HTC Desire HD and it is great.

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Anchoring is a method of using your boat’s anchor to secure the boat for a short time, such as lunch or perhaps overnight.

The objective is to lower the anchor to the bottom, lay out the anchor rode with slack and when you have the required amount of rode deployed secure the rode and let the anchor set into the bottom. Continue reading

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Chart Plotter on your phone

Earlier this month I mentioned I had an Android phone.

The first app I purchased was Navionics Mobile which give me a chart plotter on my phone.  The cost was just over $14 which included the charts for BC.  This app also gives you the tide and currents.  This is an amazing bargain considering the charts for BC and Alaska are $249 for a full sized plotter! This may be purchased through the Android market.  I just checked the Android Market and the BC charts are not listed.  It appears that all Canadian regions are not available.  I have emailed Navionics and will post their reply.

Navionics also has apps for the iPhone and iPad.  I was instructing a couple last weekend on their 28′ Bayliner and they were planning on purchasing this software for their iPad.  At this point, they do not have a dedicated GPS chart plotter aboard.

However, remember you are legally required to carry paper charts aboard your vessel.

More information on the Home Study Coastal Navigation course.

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Preventing Powerboat Theft

Have you ever had anything of value stolen from you? It leaves you with a sick feeling and a feeling of vulnerability unlike anything else. We are all well aware that there are crooks and thieves that live among us. We lock our cars and install antitheft devices on them. We lock our homes and install devices that will tell us when security has been breached. Powerboats need to be equally well protected from theft. Continue reading

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Licensing and Registration for U.S. Boats

The laws regarding powerboats and powerboat operators vary somewhat from state to state. Powerboats like motor vehicles are registered and licensed by each state rather than by the federal government. Even though these requirements are not regulated by the federal government, the regulation and requirements are very similar from state to state. Continue reading

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