VHF Radio Operator Course

Many clients have been obtaining their VHF Operator’s Certificate.

One question often asked is “When is a VHF Operator’s Certificate required?”

Here is the answer:

Anyone operating a fixed or portable marine radio aboard a boat is required by law to have a Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime).

Note: Operating a VHF radio without an operator’s certificate may result in a fine.

Anyone may use the VHF radio in an emergency, however, if you are not certified, will you know the correct procedures?

A ship station license is not required if you are only boating in Canadian waters.  When boating in foreign waters such as the USA, a ship station license is required.  You can obtain a ship station license from Industry Canada.

A Ship Station License is also known as a Mobile Station License.

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Victoria Harbour Boat Show

The Victoria Harbour Boat Show takes place at the Inner Harbour in Victoria from Thursday, April 19 to Sunday, April 22, 2012.

For more information, visit Victoria Harbour Boat Show

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Fruit-Veggie Tray for Boating Snacks

A fruit and veggie tray can be turned into a rainbow for an interesting boating snack for the crew.

Fruit Veggie Tray for Boating Snacks There are so many possibilities with putting this tray together. You can do all 7 colors of the rainbow or just 5 or 6, it’s completely up to you. Continue reading

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Family Boating – Using a Dinghy

A dinghy, inflatable or rigid hulled, may be what your family needs to enjoy boating.

We have used an inflatable dinghy when spending time at lakes. Continue reading

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the word phrase that means the conversation is ended and no response is expected

When using the Marine VHF radio, there are specific phrases which are used to insure clear communications.

Despite what you may have heard on numerous TV shows, I am remembering “Dragnet” with Sgt. Joe Friday, the phrase “Over and Out” is never used.

“Over” means I have finished speaking and I expect a response from you.

“Out”  means the conversation is ended and no response is expected.

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