ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook

For anyone cruising out of their home area, you may find to be very helpful. The Interactive Cruising Guidebook gives detailed information for visiting boaters.  The comments and reviews are contributed by other boaters so you are gaining the experience of other boaters.  Continue reading

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Boating FAQ’s ebook – End of Season Sale

Our ebook, Boating FAQ’s, 71 Essential Answers for Every Boater is now on sale for $8.97.

An example question is:

How do I choose an Anchorage?

When choosing an anchorage there are four criteria you should observe.

1. Shelter from wind and waves – you want to be anchored in a protected area away from any other traffic.

2. Good holding bottom – composition of the sea bed that will give your anchor a firm hold. We are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest that many harbours have bottoms that are composed of mud, sand, shells and clay. Continue reading

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Guide to Green Boating

The following link leads you to Georgia Strait Alliance’s website where you can download a PDF copy of their Guide to Green Boating.

Two ways to help the environment are keeping your engine tuned, and cleaning the hull to reduce friction. Both these tips will help reduce your fuel consumption and pollution into the atmosphere.


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Heaving To When Sailing

The technique of heaving-to is to tack without releasing the jib sheet.  The jib will then fill backwards and push the bow downwind. The main is eased off so it is luffing completely.  By putting the rudder hard over to windward, the rudder and backed jib will balance the boat.  Continue reading

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Navigating Locks While Boating

This past week I was teaching a Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) course in Castlegar. This is a Transport Canada Accredited course for commercial operators.

I was instructing on a 22′ jet boat on the Columbia River outside of town. The Hugh Keenleyside dam is just up the river. We decided to take the opportunity to go through the lock to allow everyone the experience of locking through. Continue reading

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