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Our ebook, Boating FAQ’s, 71 Essential Answers for Every Boater is now on sale for $8.97.

An example question is:

How do I choose an Anchorage?

When choosing an anchorage there are four criteria you should observe.

1. Shelter from wind and waves – you want to be anchored in a protected area away from any other traffic.

2. Good holding bottom – composition of the sea bed that will give your anchor a firm hold. We are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest that many harbours have bottoms that are composed of mud, sand, shells and clay.

3. Adequate depth at low water – over the years I have seen a number of boaters who forgot to check the range of the tide overnight. It is a real shock to wake up falling out of your bunk because you have gone aground.

4. Swing room – refers to the requirement for your vessel to be able to swing 360 degrees around the anchor and not contact any hazards or other boats.

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