Boat Safety Reminder

The first long weekend of the season, May 19-21, 2012 is a popular time for boaters to be on lake or ocean water.  Ensure your boat has the required safety gear before heading out on the water.

Here is a “Five F” memory aid for checking your safety gear:

Fire – fire extinguishers, do you have the correct number and have
they been serviced within the last year?

Flood – bilge pump and/or bailer

Flares – correct number for the size of your vessel and must be less than four years old.

Flotation – life jackets or PFD’s appropriate size for everyone  on board.  Buoyant heaving line, ring buoy with line attached.  Reboarding device if your vessel freeboard is over 0.5m

Fog – navigation lights, sound signalling device, water proof flashlight,
anchor and line or manual propelling device.

You may want to check the Safe Boating Guide for the minimum requirements for your vessel.






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