Boat Galley With Two Burner Stove

Cooking on a boat’s two burner galley stove takes planning and preparation to feed your crew.

My first experience was outfitting, menu planning and provisioning  boats with two burner alcohol stoves and an icebox.

3 tips for managing your galley:

1.  Assess the space you have.  Containers may be needed to hold cutlery, spices, etc. if locker room is limited.

2.  The size of the icebox or fridge will be a determining factor in preparing your menu.

3.  Plan a menu for all meals to be eaten on board.  When stowing provisions, they can be put away in the order to be used.

The menu I planned used a fry pan with spatter screen or lid and a stainless steel double boiler.  It was necessary to measure the stove, burner sizes and the pot and frypan to ensure both could be used at the same time for cooking a meal.

For more information, visit my lens Boating-Two Burner Cooking


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