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Anchoring Without Yelling

Here is a simple step by step process that will allow you and your crew to anchor confidently and quietly. 1. Select your anchorage using the criteria in “Choosing Your Anchorage“.

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Rope versus Line

Some boaters mistakenly use these terms interchangeably. You go to your marine supply store and buy a length of rope.  When you bring it aboard your vessel and put it to use,  it becomes a line.  Some example would be … Continue reading

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Outboard Engines for Powerboats

There are three kinds of powerboat engines. There is the inboard engine, the outboard engine and the outboard/inboard engine that is usually called an I/O engine. Deciding what type engine you will use on your powerboat is a decision that … Continue reading

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Update on Navionics for Android

New Version Marine & Lakes: US & Canada $15.50 Can Vector charts included in app, remain resident on device and function without mobile coverage.  You download the charts for your area of interest. Wind & tides* gives you a snapshot … Continue reading

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Anchoring is a method of using your boat’s anchor to secure the boat for a short time, such as lunch or perhaps overnight. The objective is to lower the anchor to the bottom, lay out the anchor rode with slack … Continue reading

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