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Guide to Green Boating

The following link leads you to Georgia Strait Alliance’s website where you can download a PDF copy of their Guide to Green Boating. Two ways to help the environment are keeping your engine tuned, and cleaning the hull to reduce … Continue reading

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Heaving To When Sailing

The technique of heaving-to is to tack without releasing the jib sheet.  The jib will then fill backwards and push the bow downwind. The main is eased off so it is luffing completely.  By putting the rudder hard over to … Continue reading

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Navigating Locks While Boating

This past week I was teaching a Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) course in Castlegar. This is a Transport Canada Accredited course for commercial operators. I was instructing on a 22′ jet boat on the Columbia River outside of town. … Continue reading

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Navigation Equipment for Powerboats

Required navigational equipment is a bit different for large and small powerboats but all marine navigation is dependent upon knowing these five things:  Direction,  Speed,  Time,  Distance,  Depth. Since you need to know these five things, you need navigational equipment … Continue reading

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Time By Ship’s Bell

In the days before clocks became a common item on board, a vessel would carry a chronometer. It was the duty of one person to strike the ship’s bell to indicate the time and the changes of the watch. 8 … Continue reading

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